Sucuri WAF

880.00 د.ل
The Sucuri Firewall is a cloud-based WAF that stops website hacks and attacks. Our constant research improves our detection and mitigation of evolving threats, and you can add your own custom rules.

cWatch Web Starter

168.00 د.ل
Starter is a low cost, entry-level solution that offers two malware scans & removals per month to maintain a clean site. It will also boost your site's performance by leveraging the CDN and provides access to some support. However, protection is limited because it does not include the robust WAF to filter traffic or Comodo's artificial security intelligence engine (SIEM) to stay on top of new threats. Upgrade to Pro for active protection. View Full Product Details

cWatch Web Pro

505.00 د.ل
Pro is the most-popular SMB website security solution providing the most value at a price point any business can afford. Get unlimited scanning, automatic & manual malware removal, 24/7 live support, monitoring to keep your site off blacklists, and a CDN to enhance your site's performance and thwart DDoS attack attempts. It will also filter & block known threats with Comodo's mature WAF that's always learning with Comodo's real-time security intelligence engine (SIEM.) View Full Product Details

cWatch Web Premium

1300.00 د.ل
Premium is the ultimate in SMB website security & protection, providing unlimited malware removal with the fastest response times. This multi-layered Security-as-a-Service complete package has 24/7 prioritized support and is fully-managed by a dedicated security analyst in Comodo's cybersecurity operations center (CSOC). It includes the CDN for lightning-fast page load speeds, enhanced performance and thwarting attempted DDoS attacks. It also keeps you off blacklists, detects & blocks all known threats with Comodo's mature WAF, supports customizable WAF rules, and is always learning with Comodo's real-time security intelligence engine (SIEM.) View Full Product Details

HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control Center

621.00 د.ل
Ensure that your meeting the industry standards set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) with this simple and easy tool. Easily view and manage detailed vulnerability reports to make certain that your solution is up to date with the latest rules set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI). View Full Product Details

HackerProof Trust Mark

4350.00 د.ل
Place a Trust Mark on your site of a reputable brand that will not only build trust, but also boost confidence among your visitors of your site. With this product, visitors will be aware of your dedication towards safety. View Full Product Details

PowerDMARC Basic

680.00 د.ل

PowerDMARC Plus

1280.00 د.ل